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2/3 of your customers are visual learners, 90% do not fully understand a 2D plan. Strong engaging visualization is the link to customer understanding and satisfaction. Today's technology applications make dynamic animations and visualizations economical.


Reducing field documentation time by 65% while increasing existing condition accuracy is the "win win" opportunity of reality capture for design professionals, owners and contractors. This effort also eliminates the need for the architect drawing anything into the plan for demo purposes. Instead, the native scan data is used to annotate demolition pieces without the need to draw!


Documentation of complex shapes and layouts is easy in the software of today. Translation of these complicated details to the field is the achieved through integration of multiple software and tools. Models are used to place points in the field and then to bring them back for QA/QC.


AkitaBox was founded on the belief that there must be a better way to organize, store and share building information. We were sick of spending countless hours trying to locate the files we needed to manage our projects. All too often, located information was outdated or inaccurate. When we couldn't find a solution to our problems, we built one.